glasses-transparentHobbies & Careers require different types of frames & lenses. Your unique lifestyle paired with the appropriate eye wear will not only improve and protect your eyes but also can enhance your look , performance, safety and comfort.

Lens Choices

Wearing the appropriate lens can help protect your eyes, increase your comfort and enhance your performance at work and play. Lightweight, impact resistant, anti-reflective, scratch resistant, computer, task oriented, and convenient Ultra-violet protection…………. there is a lens that can be customized for you.

Frame Selection

There are a wide variety of frame options that can impact performance, durability and comfort such as titanium, memory metal, stainless and numerous high tech
plastics. We offer a large selection of frames. From classic styles to trendy colors. High performance to the latest Fashion Designers. Affordable and eccentric. All of the collections we offer are of the finest quality.