Vision Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Vision is the most precious of our five senses and therefore eye examinations become an essential component of health care. Annual visits are important for all ages to detect vision problems as well as medical conditions. At Florida Eye Care Clinic we employ some of the latest advanced instrumentation in order to improve the detection and treatment of diseases. Our patients love our high tech, thorough eye exams.

Retinal Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. This quick, painless, computerized camera assists us in the early detection of eye disease, cancer, diabetes, macular degeneration and more. The photographs can be analyzed for change over time as well as a baseline data.

Retinal photography is highly recommended by the American Optometric Association.

Visual Field Testing

Vision care is more than just 20/20. Our peripheral vision plays an extremely important part in our overall perception. Diabetes, hypertension, stroke and glaucoma are a few medical conditions that may require testing the field of vision.

Drooping eyelids can also interfere with your vision and this test may determine if blepharoplasty surgery will improve your vision.

Contact Lens Exams

Contact lenses are continually evolving therefore our staff is diligent to research the newest products to be able to prescribe the best lenses to meet your lifestyle.